2022-2023 Murray River Flood
Well hello there peoples, let me tell you all about the wild ride that was the 2022-2023 Murray River floods in the Riverland! As a business owner of this wonderful Houseboat hire adventure, I had a front-row seat to the chaos that ensued.

The Murray River overflowed its banks, causing widespread flooding that impacted numerous towns along its banks, including Renmark, Berri, Loxton, and of course, my own little slice of paradise in Morgan where Foxtale Houseboats is based.

The floods wreaked havoc on essential services, knocking out electricity and water supply, and forcing emergency services and volunteers to work tirelessly to construct levee banks along town fronts. Many residents were evacuated from their homes, and businesses were forced to shut down during this trying time.
The impact on agriculture was especially heartbreaking. The Riverland is known for its wine and fruit production, and the floods caused significant damage to crops, with some farmers losing entire harvests. As a lover of nature, it was also sad to see the impact on the wildlife in the area, with many habitats disrupted by the floods and increased flow rates causing erosion and sedimentation that affected the quality of the water in the Murray River.

But the floods also brought out the best in our community. Despite the challenges, people came together to support each other and lend a helping hand to build the levee banks and provide aid to those affected. We learned important lessons about building resilience in our communities and engaging with one another to prepare for future flooding events.

Although it was a difficult time for everyone, there were positive outcomes. The floods brought our community closer together and reminded us of our strength and resilience. I’m proud to be a part of this community and the volunteers who worked tirelessly to support each other and build the levee banks. We’ll continue to stand together through any challenges that come our way, now and in the future.