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Over 25  years ago

Foxtale was created over 25 years ago by John Reynolds – one of the owners of the houseboats – to name his first  houseboat which eventually turned into Foxtale Houseboats fleet.  ?

When trying to think of a name, John noticed an Adelaide company called Fox and thought it was quite catchy. On doing some research, he stumbled across a classic French tale “Reynard the Fox” (c.1150).

Reynard is the French equivalent of Reynolds. Thus ,Foxtale houseboats had a link to the Reynolds name. The cheeky fox appears on all the Foxtale houseboats.

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More About us!

Foxtale Houseboats is situated in the Township of Morgan.A short 2 hour drive from the city centre  .

Not much longer than the drive to Mannum and it is a much more picturesque and quieter part of the river.

We have four boats offering a variety of sizes.  All designs giving you the opportunity to select a holiday houseboat which will suit your requirements and budget.

Whether you want to go upstream or downstream there is an abundance of spectacular scenery to enjoy. If you would like some maps sent to you, let us know. As a simple guide, if you cruise along at a leisurely 2500 to 3000 rpm you will be travelling about 8 kilometres per hour. Most hirers like to do a little bit of travelling each day then find a nice spot to moor for the night and sit down and enjoy what the serenity of the Murray has to offer.

Remember – you are in control of a vessel under your driver’s licence .The same rules for drink-driving apply to whoever is in control of the houseboat as applies to drivers on our roads!!! Police can, and do, regularly patrol the River and subject random breath tests on houseboat and speedboat drivers.

Head upstream past Cadell, through Lock 2 then on to Waikerie. Downstream you can go through Lock 1 at Blanchetown then head down towards Swan Reach.

Your only restriction is how long you book for. !!! We recommend a week – 7 nights . On a weekend you have only just started to unwind and relax when it is time to turn around and head back to Morgan then go through the routine of packing up again!

A week allows you the luxury of finding a secluded location . This means having the time to enjoy it before moving on to another marvellous part of the River.



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260 Morphett Flat Road, PO Box 31, MORGAN SA 5320