Although we toil every day to fulfill our daily needs, at times, we also hustle to go on those relaxing vacations.

Don’t we?

Vacations do involve hiking, trekking, fishing, and other outdoor activities, but sometimes, all we prefer is a lazy getaway. 

If you prefer waking up to a misty morning and sunny day as you cruise in a river on a slow pace, consider taking a trip on a houseboat. Houseboats are luxurious boats that make you feel at home. But at the same time takes you through lapping water and lets you enjoy barbecue party, fishing, and other outdoor events. 

You can escape for a weekend, hire a houseboat, and sail all your worries away.

Why Houseboat Hire?

You can do a number of things on a lazy getaway like reading on a beach, build sand castles or simply relax in a tree house. 

But here is why you need to go with the rise in houseboat hire:

  • You get to do lots of sightseeing. Make the most of that tech-break and enjoy the beautiful scenery out there. You can also witness the landscape or maybe watch some birds.
  • Calories don’t count during getaways or do they? The houseboats offer you an authentic Australian cuisine and cater to all types of taste.
  • Luxurious facilities are on the board just for you.

Houseboat Hire on Murray River- Foxtale Boats

River Murray is one of the longest rivers in Australia, and one best holiday destinations in South Australia. Sailing across this river serves as a perfect idea for a lazy getaway.

Whether you are looking to go with friends, family or your furry friend, Foxtale Houseboats are all ready for you. We have four houseboats, Foxtale 1, Foxtale 3, Foxtale 4, and Murray Entertainer. All of them offer you luxurious comfort, ample space, amenities, and entertainment options at excellent pricing.

The amenities and services include bedroom comforts, hot tub, washer and dryer, BBQ, ensuites, ducted air conditioners, and free toiletries. 

Houseboat Hire Pricing

The cost of houseboat hire depends on the quality and features of the boat. Another factor that affects the pricing is whether you opt for a houseboat hire in peak season or offseason.

Peak seasons are from December to January; while offseason months are June, July, and August.

 Foxtale Houseboats offers three nights weekend houseboat holiday at $1700 during off-peak season. While during the peak season, the price goes up to $2,500.

For more details on houseboat hires and charges, you can browse through Fox Tale Houseboats Fleets Page.

No Boat License?

Need not worry! You can drive a houseboat with a full driver’s license. However, you will have to obey basic driving laws, which are the same as if you are driving a car.

If you still have more queries, you can turn to this FAQ section.

The best part about houseboat hire is flexibility; you choose what to do, where to go, and stops as well. 

With the Houseboat hire, the only thing you need to worry about is how to laze away the entire weekend. 

What Are You Waiting For? 

Hire a boat, soak up some sun, enjoy the sound of nature, and make the most of your lazy getaway. After all, there is a deep joy in doing nothing, but relaxing on a houseboat.

For more information on Houseboat hire in South Australia, get in touch with the Foxtale representatives. Call at 0418 400 201 or send an email at