Are you planning on taking a houseboat holiday anytime soon? Want to know how best you can plan your houseboat holiday? Read on to find out answers to these and other houseboat holiday questions. 

Whether you are going for a houseboat holiday for the first time or if you are going with friends or families, planning for one can prove challenging. This is especially true for holidaymakers who are going for a houseboat holiday for the first time. Like with many holidays however, you can make the process of planning for a houseboat trip super easy. How you ask? Well, by planning for it the right way well in advance. In addition to making this simple and easy, planning for your trip the right way early can make the entire process fun.

So how can you make planning your houseboat holiday simple, easy and fun? In other words, how can you plan for your houseboat holiday the right way? We get to answer all this below.  

Planning A Successful Houseboat Holiday

Planning a houseboat holiday successfully involves taking certain steps into consideration and they are;

  • Choose A Date For Your Houseboat Holiday
  • Settle On A Houseboat
  • Paying For Your Houseboat
  • Plan For Water Sports Activities (Things To Do & See)
  • Plan For Food & Drinks (What Will You Eat)

Date For Your Houseboat Holiday

Choosing a date for your houseboat holiday is very important. In fact, it should be the first thing you do. Despite this fact, however, many holidaymakers fail to do this. Those who do it fail to do it right. As a result, they end up not properly preparing for their houseboat holiday. This ultimately results in them not enjoying their holiday.

Having said that always ensure that you settle on a date you plan to enjoy your cruise. If you are travelling alone, simply look at the date that best suits you. In addition, factor in weather and season. If you are going with a group or family members, remember to include them in the decision making the process.

In addition to the date, it is important that you factor in the time you intend to spend on-board a houseboat. In other words, how long would you like your holiday to be? Is it a few days? Or is it one or two weeks or even a month?  Again, it’s important that you include all parties that intend to travel with you (if any) when making this decision.

Key to note when it comes to choosing a date is to be flexible. In the event your dates don’t fit, don’t force it, you are likely to have a bad experience if you do so. It is best to be flexible when settling on a date. Get to talk with different houseboat companies like Foxtale Houseboats and settle on something that best suits you.   

Settle On A Houseboat

Now that you have a date in place, it’s time to settle on a houseboat of your choice. Many companies that offer houseboat services like Foxtale Houseboats have a fleet of houseboats you can choose from. These houseboats are designed to best fit your every need. As such, always ensure that you settle with a houseboat for your houseboat holiday that best suits you.

Similar to settling on an ideal date, it is important to include other participants (if any) in the decision-making process. Furthermore, remember to factor in the number of people going on holiday before booking a houseboat. Many houseboats have a limit of people it can sleep. You wouldn’t want to book one that can’t accommodate you.

Paying For Your Houseboat  

Once you’ve settled on date and houseboat, it is time to book or pay for it. This is usually a deposit and practically every company will ask for it. Think of your deposit as some sought of guarantee that you’ll hire the houseboat on the said date. There are several ways you can go about making this payment. This is usually as a result of different companies having different policies and payment procedures.

It is best to communicate with those managing the houseboat you’ve selected. Remember to do this before your big day. Preferably, look into making payments a week or two weeks before the day of your houseboat holiday.

Plan For Water Sport Activities

One way of ensuring you don’t get bored during your houseboat holiday or any holiday for that matter is by planning fun activities to do. While on-board a houseboat, you are likely to be limited in terms of the activities you can do. This, however, doesn’t mean that there are known fun activities you can exploit. For instance, if you happen to be a fan or lover of all things water sport then a houseboat holiday is perfect for you.

That said do carry along water sport toys if you have any for your houseboat holiday. This can include and not limited to a fishing boat, dinghy or a ski boat. It is good to point out that some houseboat companies do offer such activities. Hence, if you enjoy water sport activities and don’t have such toys, hire a houseboat that offers such added service.

Plan For Food & Drinks

With a houseboat holiday, you have the option of eating out or cooking your own meal. With eating out, you have the option of sampling a wide variety of local authentic eateries. This especially true if you plan on taking your houseboat holiday along the Murray River. However, it is good to point out that this option is not always advised. Why is this you ask? Well, you’ll have to dock constantly. Not only is doing this tedious but you‘ll also miss out a lot on your precious vacation time.

The better alternatively when it comes to food and drinks on a houseboat holiday is making your own. This will not only see you save time during your holiday but also lots of money. Houseboats come fully equipped with a kitchen so you won’t have difficulty prepping up something while on-board. The only thing you should do is just buy a few ingredients to use and you are good to go.

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