Let’s face it, the best way of having a quintessential Murray River experience is on board the very best Murray River houseboats. For you to truly enjoy this experience however, it is important you get the very best in houseboats. With several houseboats currently available in Adelaide and its surrounding, finding ideal Murray River houseboats can prove challenging. In fact, this process can be daunting at times. Some might just end up giving up altogether and settle for less.

It is with this that we’ve opted to share with you this Murray River houseboats post. In particular, we will be showing you why Foxtale has the best Murray River houseboats. To do this we’ll focus on;

  • Affordability
  • Entertainment & Outdoor Activities
  • Sailing
  • Modern & Luxury
  • Houseboats Fleet
  • Pet-Friendly

Affordable Murray River Houseboats

While there are a number of houseboats in Adelaide you can choose from not many of them are cheap. This fact is especially true if you looking for something extra with Murray River houseboats. Murray River houseboats that are spacious or have a few luxury fitting tend to be very expensive. With Foxtale however, this is not the case.

Despite offering large, spacious houseboats, Foxtale has kept its prices affordable. And it’s not just spacious houseboats this is also true for our fleet of luxurious houseboats. To learn more about how affordable our houseboats are, do visit Foxtale Fleets page.

Entertainment & Outdoor Activities

A worry for many people who look to explore the Murray River is usually entertainment. This is especially true for those looking to be on a houseboat for a considerable amount of time. With Foxtale, you are guaranteed great entertainment on and off our Murray River houseboats.

While on board any of our houseboats you can get to engage in several games. This includes onboard games with friends or family members as well as outdoor sports activities. Outdoor activities you can get to enjoy include a variety of water sports and amazing fishing. Other outdoor activities include enjoying spectacular views of the Murray Cliff and diverse wildlife.

Get To Sail In Style

In our fleet of Murray River houseboats, we do have houseboats with striking looks. Some of them like the Ikonic and Foxtale 3 boast an extensive deck that allows you to take in the beauty of the Murray River. What all these results to is sailing in style on the Murray River.   

Modern & Luxurious Murray River Houseboats

If you are after something modern and luxurious you are going to love our Murray River houseboats. Our fleet of houseboats features luxurious and modern add-ons. These add-ons include fully fitted gourmet kitchens that come with a microwave and dishwasher, king size bed and any other creature comforts for any regular home.

In addition to having luxurious add-ons, our houseboats boast lots of space. In other words, we have very spacious and comfortable houseboats. Regardless of the room you are in, from the kitchen, bedroom to the living area, you’ll get lots of space perfect for families and friends. Space goes all the way to the decks as well. This allows you to relax and take in the views along the Murray River comfortably.

Extensive Houseboats Fleet

Here at Foxtale, when we say welcome aboard we truly mean it. In fact, we have an extensive fleet of houseboats you can choose from. A plus about the houseboats in our fleet is that they have all been designed to suit a variety of people. For instance, if you are after a more luxurious houseboat, you can opt to go with the Ikonic.

This is a luxurious modern houseboat that boasts bedroom ensuites and a spa. Furthermore, it has a striking look that’s sure to make you sail in style on the Murray River. Get to learn more about our Murray River Houseboats by visiting Foxtale fleets official page.   

Pet-Friendly Murray River Houseboats

If you happen to have pets then Foxtale’s Houseboats are perfect for you. Why is this? Well, we are among the few houseboats in Adelaide that allow pets on board. If you are tired down from enjoying a sail on the Murray River, this is your chance. Simply bring your pet along with you for your next sail. Even better, your pet will also get to enjoy the entire cruise on the Murray River.  

Are you ready to sail on board our Murray River houseboats? Get to speak to one of Foxtale’s representatives. You can do this by dialing 0418 400 201. You can as well send us an email at hire@foxtalehouseboats.com.au. Our representatives will get to answer all your questions and give you advice on the best houseboat for you. They’ll also give you details on great deals we currently have that’ll allow you to truly enjoy your sail. 

Want to see our houseboats, please pay us a visit. 260 Morphett Flat Rd, Morgan SA 5320, right near the mighty Murray River.