Are you planning on taking or enjoying Murray River houseboats with your kids? Well, here are a few house boating with kids’ tips that are sure to make your stay much more fun and entertaining for both you and your kids. 

House boating with kids or a houseboat vacation with kids is a big big deal to them.  This one of a kind experience gives kids an opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind experience or adventure that’s frankly unmatched.  From sleeping in a house that’s floating on water to taking part in a number of cool onboard activities as well as cool and fun water activities,  house boating has it all. While House boating is a fun experience for kids, some parents are yet to be convinced that it is possible. So is it really possible?

Is Houseboating With Kids Possible?

The answer to this question is very simple, yes.  House boating with kids is not just possible but it offers a perfect opportunity for them to experience new things. While onboard a houseboat or during a houseboat vacation, kids get to enjoy a number of fun-filled water sports.  Furthermore, they can endure in checking out some water creatures like jellyfish.

In addition, depending on where you take your houseboat vacation, you’ll find small water areas that are safe for your kids to swim or snorkel. The key to any houseboat vacation with kids is just proper planning. By properly preparing for a houseboat vacation with your kids there are certain things you need to factor in.

To help you better prepare for houseboating with kids especially if you’ve opted for Murray River houseboats, we’ve opted to share with you in this post tips that are sure to make your houseboat journey memorable to both you and your kids. So without any further ask, let’s get straight to it.

Life Jackets For Kids

The first thing you need to look into when planning a houseboat vacation with kids is safety. Most importantly life jackets for your kid(s). Currently, a number of Murray River houseboats companies do include life jackets on their houseboats.  However, it is always best to carry Your Own life jackets.  This way, you’ll be well sorted regardless of if they are on board or not.  While still on life jackets, always see to it that kids wear their life jackets at all times when they are onboard the houseboat.

Houseboat Security Measures

Up there with safety when planning a houseboat vacation with kids is security measures. In particular, does the houseboat rental has adequate security measures in place to make sure that your kids are safe? Typical Murray River houseboats offer a safe space for families to enjoy their houseboat vacation. However, it is always best that you also look at boasting these security measures by looking out for certain security features onboard a houseboat.

For instance, always see to it that you go for houseboats that feature things like guard rails around the houseboat’s perimeter. Sliding doors that lock from the interior are also an ideal feature when it comes to boosting security measures.  Equally as important are latching gates.  Houseboats with latching gates on deck help see to it that movement onboard the houseboat can be controlled and monitored easily.

Pack For Games & Water Activities

As mentioned earlier in this post, houseboat vacations offer the opportunity to engage in a number of onboard games and water activities. This is mind it is best to pack for these games way in advance. Some of the things you can bring with you or pack include bored games, coloring books as well as a deck of cards.  If you are up for activities that are not on the houseboat you can take up hiking or other water activities like swimming or finishing. 

You should also consider packing floaty for your kids. They can use them to soak in the sun and enjoy the waters when you dock. If you happen to deal with an ideal Murray River houseboats company, you’ll be lucky to find some of these onboard games already catered for.

Pack Enough Food and Water

Although touched on slightly low on this post, making sure that you adequately pack food and water for your houseboat vacation is very important.  This is especially so since you are traveling with your kids.  Consider adding some snacks and most importantly food that your kid(s) would love to eat since it’s a vacation. 

If you plan on cooking, see to it that you carry all the necessary essentials.  Keep in mind that the only thing the houseboat has to help with your cooling is a cooker, oven and a fridge to help store away some perishables.  Therefore, pack everything and for anything. 

Murray River Houseboats As A Perfect Destination

Equally as important when planning a houseboat vacation with kids is making sure that you are on the right river.  In Australia, one ideal houseboat destination is Murray River Houseboats. In addition to making it possible to enjoy a number of water activities, it offers a lot of extras. These extras are sure to keep everyone onboard happy and entertained. The calm nature of the water also guarantees that you’ll have a smooth ride during your houseboat vacation. 

Some houseboat vacations are on rough waters. This goes to make the entire houseboat vacation very scary.  This is especially true if you happen to have kids on board a houseboat and come across rough waters. Other rivers include the Adelaide River.  It boasts a number of unique sites that are sure to take your breath away. 


There you have it, a few tips that are sure to make Houseboating with kids fun and safe. If you are planning a houseboat vacation with your family do get in touch with Foxtale Houseboats.  We understand that a houseboat vacation is ideal for everyone.  As such we have in place houseboats rentals that are a perfect escape for families. 

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