There is something so gorgeously relaxing about being on the water moving gently upstream or downstream. Murray River houseboats are a lovely way to experience this sensation as well as appreciate nature at it’s fullest. Water attracts plant life, animals, and all living things. A beautiful way to experience the beauty of Murray River is in luxury houseboats style! I bet a lot of you have not even considered this sort of river experience, but once you do, you will be back for more. Imagine drifting off to sleep while floating on the water, heavenly!

The Murray River and why you Must Explore It

Now you have the idea of a memorable holiday via Murray River houseboats floating around in your head. You are thinking about what a fun time you would have with your friends or family on such a beautiful river. Let’s talk about the fun things you can do and what some of the river houseboats offer. Just don’t think about doing a night cruise, boats must moor for the night and not be driven. Night time is a lovely time to enjoy the serenity that the Murray River has to offer.

The Murray River is the longest river in Australia, 2,508 kilometers long, best enjoyed on a Murray houseboat! The longer your houseboat holidays are, the more you get to see. Weekends are not recommended because as soon as you get relaxed, you have to rush and turn back around. Houseboat holidays are much better if you can stay a week.

What To Expect

Here are some of the fun things you can do if you have a week to enjoy yourself.

  • The Caudo Winery for wine tasting, coffees, platters, and their famous sangrias! They have special places to tie up Murray River houseboats.
  • For holidays of 5 nights or more, you can head on our to Waikerie where you can shop for groceries. There is also a nice hotel pub there where you can have drinks and a meal. Don’t forget the chocolate factory!
  • For trips of 7 nights or longer head upstream to the Overland Corner Pub. The Pub can also organize a black tie dinner for you and your friends with a customized menu. The black-tie dinner includes a minibus to pick you up from the houseboat and bring you back. Please book yours in advance.

Now that you are excited about taking a holiday on a houseboat along the Murray River let me introduce myself. My name is John Reynolds; I am one of the owners of Foxtale Houseboats. Our location is the Township of Morgan. All you need is a driver’s license to rent one of our houseboats. Foxtale has four boats in its fleet, and we are pet-friendly. Please see the following.

  • Foxtale 1 Houseboat with 4 bedrooms + 2 fold out sofas, 2 bathrooms, and 3 toilets.
  • Foxtale 3 Houseboat with 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.
  • Foxtale 4 houseboat with spa, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 1 foldout couch.
  • Murray Entertainer houseboat, 5 bedrooms, and 5 bathrooms.

Please see our website under “Fleets” for more details, floor plans, and photos. Contact us by filling out our online form, or you can call us at 0418-400-201. We can’t wait to help you set up your perfect houseboat holiday!

Our address is Foxtale Houseboats, 260 Morphett Flat Rd, Morgan SA 5320