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Hiring a house boat to best explore the Murray River is a quintessential South Australian experience. With so many operators offering houseboat hire SA services, you’re spoilt for choice when searching for a boat that fits all your needs. This, combined with the number of fun activities one can enjoy on board a boat, makes houseboat holidays a must try for just about everyone visiting South Australia. This is more so true if you are after a fun and educational vacation.

If you’d love to try out house boat holidays, there a few things you need to know. This will give you peace of mind knowing you’re making the right decision. This in mind, below we’ve shared one of the key things to note about house boat holidays. In particular, we get to focus on houseboat hire SA pros and cons.

Advantages Of Houseboat Hire SA

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a boat or taking a houseboat holiday is the experience. Unlike your typical holiday vacation, boat holidays offer a number of fun new activities to enjoy. Even better, a good number of these houseboat activities offer a sense of adventure to anyone who tries them out.

Good quality time with family members or loved ones is another pro associated with houseboat hire SA. With normal vacations, there is bound to be plenty of distractions. From electronics to different activities you’re bound to be distracted while in a normal vacation. What this does is restrict interaction between you and your family members or even loved ones.

With a house boat, on the other hand, you are sure to have plenty of time to spend together. This doesn’t mean that you’ll stay all vacation on board the boat of course. But you’ll have plenty of downtimes to enjoy activities that’ll bring you closer together as a family. This includes games like playing card and board games. You can even enjoy taking walks together or playing outside.

In addition to being a fun-filled trip, your house boat vacation will be an educational experience, especially for young ones. You’ll get to cruise with your boat while enjoying the very best of South Australia’s scenic landscape. You can take this opportunity to learn about unique landscapes as well as educate your young ones.

Another plus associated with this type of vacation is houseboats feature. A typical boat has all the features you’ll need during your stay on board. Some operators go a step further by adding extra luxurious features. Such boats are luxury house boats.

Houseboat Hire SA Cons

Despite its many advantages, hiring a house boat for a vacation has a few negatives. For instance, some houseboats are built for efficiency. What this means is that some are not that big. One way you can deal with this is seeing the houseboat before booking it. If you are comfortable with the sizing then you can proceed to hire/booking it. It’s good to note however that the bigger the boat the more you might have to pay more.

If you are not in a position to, my advice to you is to travel with a group of people you like. That’s if you won’t be going with friends or family members.

Limited or no access to supply is another negative with houseboat hire SA. Once you are on board a houseboat you won’t have access to a number of supplies. This in mind, we do encourage that you pack as many supplies as possible. The best way you can do this is by using your space bag wisely. Go for just the right amount of clothes and supplies.

With houseboats, you don’t need to have anything special for you to hire one. You don’t need to have things like boating experience or even a boat licence. Once you’ve booked a boathouse, you’ll receive several houseboat lessons. These lessons will touch on things like how to work the boat and water traffic rules.

All in all, we are sure you’ll love your houseboat vacation this even the few drawdowns mentioned. Hence, if you would like to experience this, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team. You can do this over the phone using 0418 400 201. Or you could send us an email at