Are you searching for the perfect quintessential houseboat experience with your next houseboat hire? Well, look no further than Foxtale Houseboats Australia.   

When it comes to enjoying a cruise on the Murray River, it is important that you go with the right houseboat hire. Failure to do this can easily result in you not fully enjoying what Murray River has to offer. It is with this that’s important to always make sure that you go for a high-quality houseboat hire. You should do this every time you think of cruising on the Murray River.

To help you with your next houseboat hire, today I’ll be sharing with you details about Foxtale Houseboats Australia. This one-stop shop for everything high-quality houseboat hire is a must visit for anyone looking for a houseboat hire. In particular, I’ll be looking at Foxtale’s new addition, the Ikonic. In addition, I’ll highlight another of their high-quality houseboat hire in Foxtale 1.

Houseboat Hire With Foxtale Houseboats Australia

Are you are after an unforgettable houseboat experience on the Murray River? Well, going for a houseboat hire with Foxtale Houseboats Australia is a must. Even before the new addition, Foxtale already had high-quality houseboats. One such houseboat hire is the Murray Entertainer and Foxtale 3. These houseboats boast a number of features that make them high-quality houseboat hires.

For starters, the Murray Entertainer features 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, 5 toilets, and 1 foldout sofa. Furthermore, it boasts other notable features like air conditioning, undercover sundeck, fully contained kitchen, and a dishwasher. Foxtale 3 also boasts these features. However, it does differ thanks to certain features, One such feature is its evaporative ducted air conditioning system. In addition to this, it does have undercover sundeck. 

What To Expect With Foxtale’s New Addition

So what can you expect with the new addition by Foxtale? Well, high-quality houseboat hire. With the Ikonic houseboat, you are guaranteed an unforgettable houseboat experience. When you go for this houseboat you’ll be cruising in pure luxury and comfort. In addition, you’ll be doing this while enjoying breathtaking panoramic views of the Murray River in style.

With Foxtale’s new addition, Ikonic, you get to cruise on a spectacular houseboat. With this houseboat, you get the very best in all things luxury. For starters, if you are to go with a houseboat hire for Ikonic, expect to enjoy;

  • Large Spa
  • 3 Queen-Size Bedrooms With Ensuites
  • TV’s In The Lounge
  • Huge Front & Rear Deck Space
  • Large Swim Deck with Ladders
  • BBQ (With A Hood)
  • Modern Fully Equipped Kitchen
  • Evaporative Aircon
  • Large Sun Desk

The best part about the Ikonic in addition to these great features is its spacing. This houseboat is very spacious. If you go for this high-quality houseboat hire, you’ll have spacious side living areas during your cruise. Furthermore, it’s huge rear and front deck space guarantees maximum enjoyment of Murray River’s beauty. It also boasts a fully fitted modern kitchen and BBQ facility. This two guarantee that you’ll be able to cook your favorite meal at your leisure.

Not to forget also in this high-quality houseboat hire post is the Foxtale 1 houseboats. This houseboat has for some time now received great reviews and praise. So why is this? Well, it boats a number of useful, practical and luxurious features. What all these combine for is a high-quality houseboat hire. That said, standout Foxtale 1 features include;

  • 4 Queen-Size Bedrooms
  • An Upstairs Large Carpeted Sun Deck
  • Spacious Living Area
  • Large Rear Lounge Area
  • Ducted Air Conditioning

Come and check out the Ikonic

There you have it, high-quality houseboat hire with Foxtale. If you would like added information on these high-quality houseboat hires, simply speak with Foxtale. In particular, do visit Ikonic and Foxtale 1 pages. For all the houseboats mentioned in this post, you have the option of seeking outdoor activity. For instance, you can choose to stretch your legs a little. This will see you taking a stroll along Murray River’s bank, a perfect way for spending your afternoon.  In addition to these, you can hire kayaks and enjoy one of Murray River’s water sports.

For added information on these high-quality houseboat hires, do contact one of Foxtale’s representatives. You can contact Foxtale over the phone or online. Contact a Foxtale representative over the phone by dialing 0418 400 201. If you opt for online communication do send an email to

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