Are you searching for house boat hire services in South Australia? Want to explore the Murray River on board a modern luxury houseboat or a traditional one? Well, if your answer is yes then you’ll find this post extremely useful. Below you’ll find details on all things houseboat hire services in South Australia. In particular, this post highlights the following houseboat details;

  • Where To Hire A House boat In South Australia
  • House boat Charges or Fees
  • How Long Can One Hire A Houseboat
  • Best Time To Hire A House Boat
  • Reputable House boats Hire Operators In South Australia

Where To Hire A Houseboat In South Australia

One of the best places to hire a house boat in South Australia is the Murray River. From there you’ll be able to enjoy the very best of Murray River in terms of activities. This includes things like exploring the Banrock Station and enjoying sunset houseboat cruises. Other notable activities include eventful walking trips and enjoying authentic Australian meals.

If you are a wine lover, you’ll be able to sample the very best of Australian wine during your trip. Want to stretch your legs a bit and get to sample even more wine? There are a couple of wineries within walking distance you can visit for a variety of Australian wines.

Houseboat Charges or Fees

The cost of houseboat hire mostly depends on the overall quality of the boat. Of key importance on a boat’s overall quality are houseboats features. The more equipped a boat is the higher its fees. The same also applies to a luxurious house boat. Another factor that also plays a role in determining price is timing. If you opt to hire a boat during the peak season, you will end up paying a lot. Peak seasons are from December to January (school holidays). Off-peak seasons are June, July, August.

If you were to hire a house boat during the off-peak season, then you’ll end up saving a little money. For instance, Fox Tale Houseboats in South Australia offers a 3nights weekend houseboat holiday at $1,700 during off peak while during peak seasons this price goes all the way to $2,500. For a complete list of boat charges and fees, do visit this Fox Tale Houseboats Fleets page.

How Long Can One Hire A Houseboat

A plus with house boat hire services in South Australia is flexibility. You can choose to hire a boat for as little as a day, a few days or even weeks. Those who opt for more than one day usually enjoy a serene sleep in the middle of nowhere. Once you’ve decided on how long you want to hire a boat, get to speak with several operators.

Different operators offer different times for their boats. Many houseboat operators in South Australia offer one day or weekend house boat hire services. That said, one-night and two-night houseboat hire services are very popular. Also popular is the 4-nights weekend house boat hire service. Visit Fox Tale Houseboats to see how long operators offer their boats hire services.

Best Time To Hire A House Boat

Preferably, I would advise that one hire a house boat during peak season. This is a time when the weather is cool and dry making it perfect for cruising. Despite this, however, you can hire a boat all year long. It’s good to note however that seasons tend to determine the price. As already pointed out, if you would like to save a few bucks, then the best time to hire a boat is during off-peak season. During this time the demand is usually less leading to operators reducing their fees. Peak seasons, on the other hand, see operators raising their fees. If possible (if you have the money that is), then you should definitely go for cruises during peak seasons.

There you have it details on houseboats hire services in South Australia. Take these points to heart when hiring a house boat and you are sure going to approach this the right way. This’ll ultimately see you make the right decision allowing you to have a memorable house boat holiday.

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