Over a couple of years, houseboat hire in Adelaide, South Australia has been on a nice steady rise. This rise is as a result of more people choosing to have houseboat holidays for their vacation as opposed to regular holiday trips. Why is this so? Well, taking a cruise onboard a houseboat on the Murray River guarantees a kick-ass time. Furthermore, they boast modern facilities and features that’ll help ensure you get to cruise in comfort. You can even choose to cruise in added comfort by hiring a luxury houseboat.

With an increase in its popularity and interest, there’s also been an increase in the number of myths about houseboating. It is with this that we’ve opted to share with you this House Boat Adelaide post. In particular, we’ll be looking at seven common myths about this great activity. Without further ado, let’s get straight to it.

#Myth 1: Houseboats Are Extremely Cold

Top on this house boat Adelaide post is the myth that these vessels are extremely cold during winter. This myth was actually true during the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. Back then, they weren’t insulated making them extremely cold inside during winter. Fast forward a few decades and just about all have proper insulation. What this does is make them very warm during this period/season.

What many who believe this myth don’t know is that in this day and age they are just like any regular home. They are well insulated to ensure the insides, mostly the living area, is warm and cosy. This despite the fact that the temperatures outside are extremely cold. In fact, some have extra insulation to offer maximum warmth. This is a very common theme with many luxury houseboats in Adelaide.

#Myth 2: You’ll Get Stuck In The Ice

Another popular myth we had to cover in this house boat Adelaide post is getting stuck in the ice. This particular myth we can say has been made popular by Hollywood. It’s very common to see this type of vessel stuck in ice. This ultimately results in one having to cut their way through the ice. On the contrary, this is far from the case in the real world.

Regardless of where you choose to cruise to, you’ll be able to withstand cold icy conditions. Why? Well, the materials used to build them are not just modern but also very strong. Currently, designers tend to use materials like steel and barges. These two are relatively very strong. So yes, you can have your house boat Adelaide vacation/trip during winter.

#Myth 3: They Don’t Have Enough Facilities

The question of whether houseboats have enough facilities is another common myth. Many tend to associate these types of water vessel with having only a top deck and a few facilities. On the contrary, they have quite a lot. Some of the facilities you’ll get include large bathrooms, a bedroom boat, and a living area just to mention a few.

If you opt to go for a luxurious one then you’ll be met with absolute bliss. They are known to come with luxurious features fit for a king and queen. Some even boast spacious living areas, a flat white top deck with fancy touches.

#Myth 4: Cold Feet On Board Your Boat

Cold feet are another common myth when it comes to house boat, Adelaide. With many people, the belief is that their feet will become cold while on board during the cold winter season. So is this true: well a simple answer to this is no. Many house boats have good floor insulation. What this does is ensure that the floors retain their heat even during the harshest of conditions. Warm floors inside this type of boat create a comfortable atmosphere we are sure you’ll love.

Others, on the other hand, especially luxury houseboats, have additional features that help with this. This includes floor heating equipment and even a woodstove burner. All this combined are sure to give you a cosy warm feel during winter. In other words, your feet will be super warm all winter long.

#Myth 5: The Inside of A Houseboat Is Dark

Somehow related to the interior being cold, many associates this type of boat with having a dark interior. Similar to having cold feet on board, this is something many associates with house boats. So is it true? Well, no. With many houseboats, they do have very coy interiors. In addition to being warm, these spaces are also well lit up. So if you happen to be on board a one during winter, best believe that it’ll be light enough.

#Myth 6: Freezing of Water Hoes & Sewage Pipes

This myth is somewhat true. Why is this so? Well, it comes down to how well one designs and maintain it. If a designer doesn’t design it properly, chances of having frozen sewage pipes or water hose are high. The same also applies if an owner doesn’t properly maintain it. Many designers in Adelaide have found a nice way to work around this. They use or apply an electrical heating tape on sewage pipe and water hose on the outside.

Furthermore, both the water and sewage discharge pipes have insulation that protects them against low temperatures. In most cases, this usually ends up freezing them. This is more so true if these two get expose to col winds during the winter. Ensuring you do this to water hoses or sewage pipes will keep everything flowing smoothly. This way, you can get to enjoy your winter house boat Adelaide holiday without worrying about any frozen water.

#Myth 7: The Rooms On Board Are Damp

Top among house boat Adelaide myths is that they are damp on the inside. In most cases, rooms tend to be damp if there is a big difference in temperature inside and outside. For instance, if the temperature outside is too cold and inside is not, there is a high chance that the room inside will be damp. This doesn’t just apply to regular rooms only they also do apply to rooms on board this type of water vessel. To overcome this, designers avoid having thermal bridges. This brings about condensation that causes a damp atmosphere.


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