Planning a trip to Morgan South Australia? Here are a few must-visit attractions if you are going to hire a houseboat.

From great museums, town walks to its historic wharf, Morgan Town in South Australia has plenty to offer to both local and international tourists. In fact, just taking any of Morgan’s local drives can prove to be a great experience. For instance, the drive from Murray River to Mannum gets more spectacular as you drive. With every mile, you’ll see breath-taking scenic landscape and cliffs.

While there is plenty to see and do in this town, non-beats exploring Morgan’s attractions on board a houseboat. Simply cruise up and down the Murray River while making stops to enjoy the attractions you like.  That said, below we’ll look at attractions you can and should visit on board a houseboat in Morgan SA. The attractions we’ll look at are;

  • Morgan Conservation Park
  • Riverfront Reserve
  • Great Watersports
  • Classic Country Dining

Morgan Conservation Park

Top on the list of attractions to visit if you hire a houseboat in Morgan is the Conservation Park. For you to enjoy Morgan Conservation Park, simply make a houseboat stop. Once you’ve stopped, seek means to reach the park for you to enjoy the attractions. That said a key attraction in this South Australian wetlands town right now is canoeing. It goes without saying that if you love canoeing this is something you’ll definitely love. 

This conservation park also boasts a wide range of local birdlife species. Common bird species at this park are white-faced herons, pelicans and regent parrots. If you are quite, you will likely see a brushtail possum. The same also applies for pot skinks. What all this comes down to is making it a perfect place for bird sight-seeing. 

Riverfront Reserve

Another go-to attraction for anyone who’s hired a houseboat is the Morgan Riverfront Reserve. This reserve offers a place for travellers to be one with Murray River’s nature. In addition to enjoying Murray’s peaceful nature, this reserve offers an opportunity to explore the wharf.

You can also stop the houseboat for a swim if you feel like cooling off during Morgan’s sunny days. If you would like to explore further, you can park your houseboat and hit the town’s top classic pubs. Once you are there you can indulge in local cuisines for your lunch or (and) dinner.

Some travellers opt to sit under magnificent gums while having fish and chips. There are usually kids play areas so you can get some quality alone time while they play.

Great Watersports

If you are a water enthusiast, stopping your houseboat to enjoy Morgan’s water wonderland is a must. In addition to having a wide variety of water sport activities, Morgan has several ramps. These ramps are conveniently located in different parts of the town. What this does is allow you to start up your water adventure from just about anywhere.

If you don’t want to stop your houseboat for a watersport activity, you can simply cruise up and down the Murray River. While doing so, you’ll be in a position to view majestic cliffs spread along the river side-by-side. With a houseboat, you can skip worrying about accommodation, simply worry about food and fuel. This of course only applies if you plan on cruising for a day or two on the Murray River.

Classic Country Dining

Last but not least is Classic Country Dining. Regardless of where you go in Morgan town, you’ll experience a chilled classic country feel. This also goes to dining while in Morgan South Australia. That said, the café and pubs contribute significantly to Morgan’s classic country feel. This can be attributed to their designs as well as the cuisines they serve up.

If you were to visit any pub for instance, you’ll note that they are very big. In addition, you’ll note that they are carefully designed and built to overlook the reserve. Cafés on the other hand like Murray Bush Café serve up the very best of Australian cuisine.

There you have it, must-visit attractions in Morgan SA if you are hiring a houseboat. For added information on this and great advice, we suggest contacting FoxTale Houseboats. You should also contact if you want to hire a houseboat.

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