Thinking of having a houseboat vacation on the Murray River? Still not sure whether a relaxing houseboat holiday on the Murray River is right for you? Well, this post looks at some of the top reasons why holiday goers love Murray River houseboats. 

If you’ve never been on board Murray River houseboats, or never experienced the scenic beauty along the Murray River, you are truly missing out on a beautiful holiday. For some, boarding Murray River houseboats for a holiday seems like a camping trip. With this picture in mind, a good number of them avoid boarding houseboats altogether. So is it true? Is taking a trip on board a Murray River house boat similar to camping? Well, a simple answer to this is an emphatic no.

Boarding Murray River houseboats offer a variety of fun-filled activities to holiday goers. These activities include waterskiing, birdwatching, fishing, bushwalking and canoeing. Furthermore, it offers an opportunity to simply sit back and relax while the houseboat crew takes care of everything for you. From cleaning to cooking, everything is catered for.

To help you make an informed decision, this post will look at this 6 reasons why holiday goers love Murray River houseboats;

  • Lots of Sightseeing
  • Five Star Hotel Features 
  • Exploring & Enjoying Nature 
  • No Need of Boat Licence
  • Food 
  • The Sounds

Lots of Sightseeing

Sightseeing is one of the main reasons why many holiday goers love Murray River houseboats holidays. Given that Murray River is top on the list of South Australia’s most beautiful destination, rest assured there is plenty to see while on Murray River houseboats. Some sightseeing activities include birdwatching or taking in the scenic landscape.

Five Star Hotel Features

Another plus about house boats on the Murray River is the amenities they have built in. In other words the features they have on board. Just like any other hotel, different houseboats offer different types of features and amenities. In fact, you can get five-star hotel features on board a house boat on the Murray River. Furthermore, you’ll get stunning sceneries as a bonus to your five-star accommodations.

Exploring & Enjoying Nature

With Murray River houseboats you have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the beautiful scenery. How you ask? Well, if you are cruising along this famous tourist attraction you’ll notice a number of boat ramps. If you are on your own, you can simply pull up to one of them and get to enjoy some “land time”. If you would like to do some exploring, you can visit one of the many gorgeous towns on the riverfront.

No Need of Boat Licence

Another reason why many holiday goers love Murray River houseboats is it is licence friendly. To be specific, one doesn’t need a boat licence for them to drive a houseboat. In fact, all you need for you to drive one is a full driver’s licence. This, however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t any laws that apply.

Rules like driving under the influence still apply. And it’s not just this there are other rules that also come into play. This is mind it is advised that you go through this Murray River house boating FAQ page. This is more so important for those who’ve never been house boating before.

The Food

This particular reason is a big hit with many foodie travellers who’d love to enjoy what South Australia offers. Why? Well, they do have a variety of restaurants serving up authenticate Australian cuisine. A plus about these restaurants is that they cater to just about all types of people regardless of their taste. In other words, they have everything for everyone.

For you to access the restaurants you’ll have to make a stop at one of the many boat ramps. There are also wine tasting activities along the river. If you would like to take part simply notify the relevant parties to make arrangements.

The sounds

Getting that authentic true sound of the river is another reason why many settle with houseboats. Unlike staying at a resort or lodge that’s close to the river, being on a house boat gives you a better vantage. You’ll be sleeping too and waking up to some unique wild sounds sure to soothe your mind. Outside, the sound the water makes when slapping the sides of the boats is really nice. You’ll also hear grassy shores hiss (this is more clearly when close to the shore).

Have you taken up Murray River houseboats on the river before? If so, share with us some of the reasons why you love doing it below in the comment section.

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