What do I need to bring?

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  • ‘Agreement for Hire’ booking form
  • Your bond
  • Signed ‘Terms & Conditions’ form
  • Condiments – salt, pepper, sauce, coffee, tea, sugar
  • All your food & drinks for the duration of your trip (we suggest freezing your meat, especially for long trips)
  • Ice (this can be purchased at the Morgan Roadhouse or Morgan Bakery)

Kitchens are fully equipped with standard kitchen facilities.  We do not allow extra electrical equipment on board as this quite often overloads the generators. (ie no cappuccino machines, ice makers or bread makers)

An alternative suggestion is to contact the Terminus Hotel (08 8540 2006) in Morgan and they will be willing to fill your drinks order and deliver to Foxtale Houseboats (no delivery charge). Saving you the hassle of carrying heavy cans and bottles onto the boat!